The company was established in 1955 by brothers Gianbattista and Mario Nespoli.
As was customary in those years, they opened shop on the ground floor of their home. As the years went by, the Nespoli brothers' customer base grew and they purchased new machinery and equipment to deal with the increase in orders.
In this way, the Nespoli brothers could make all the typical furniture for homes. By the end of the 1990s, their sons Renato and Roberto had taken over and decided to buy a 800 square metre shed where the entire production was transferred. The renovation needs dictated by continuous technological developments drove this choice.

Nespoli Cucine makes custom-built furniture capable of satisfying the needs of families and interior design firms and architects alike.
Services offered
Our experience, enthusiasm and superior craftsmanship mean we can:
  • custom-make furniture, such as fitted kitchens, lounges and living rooms, wardrobes, halls and entrances and walk-in closets
  • repair old and dated furniture. We replace worktops and household appliances, rebuild furniture doors, replace hardware etc.
  • design furniture to the customer's specifications. We use professional 3D computerised software for drawing
  • lacquer and polish furniture (these services are outsourced).