legno truciolatoParticle boards is used to make structures for all types of furniture. These boards are made by pressing wood chips with binding materials and other components to obtain waterproofing, fireproofing, fungicide properties, and so on. The type and size of the resulting panels may differ according to the chips used to make it. We nearly exclusively use poplar particle boards.

legno stratificatoLaminated wood is obtained by stacking a variable number of layers of wood obtained by turning or shearing directly from the tree trunk. There are two main categories: plywood and multi-ply. These two words are often used interchangeably although they indicate two very different end products. Plywood usually consists of just three layers, with the middle one being thicker. Multi-ply, on the other hand, is obtained by joining five or more layers having all the same size. We prefer block boards, which are shown in the figure on the top right. This type of wood is very similar to plywood and differs only because the middle layer is made of strips of poplar or pine glued to one another and covered by three or more layers. We prefer block boards lined with five layers for making furniture because this material displays excellent resistance to bending and deformation and can also retain screws very firmly. Laminated wood is suited for making all types of furniture.

pannello legnoWooden panels MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is made from a variety of wood types. Round wood and scraps (preferably from conifers) may be employed indifferently. Round wood must be debarked, chipped and then ground up to mix the various wood types evenly. Scraps only need to be ground up. The resulting mixture is then processed by adding glue to compact it. A layer of wood pulp is then applied onto perforated belts or fine meshes.
laccatureLacquering The semi-finished product is mechanically pressed to reduce it to one-fifth or one-sixth of the original thickness. Given the natural tendency of wood pulp to reacquire its original volume, vacuum is applied under the belt to maintain the predetermined values. Pressure is decreased by aspirating air through the holes in the belt. At the end of these operations, the pulp is dried by hot air jets to obtain the end product. MDF may be covered with laminate sheets or lacquered. The latter surface treatment consists in spraying varnish on the surface of the rough panel using a spray gun. Some samples of the various paint colours which can be used are shown in the photo on the top right. The hues and shades available on the market today means that furniture pieces can be customised as creativity dictates.

legno nobilitatoFaced wood consists of a particle board on which a laminate sheet is applied on one or both sides. The choice of laminates on the furniture market is huge and this means that the faced panels most suited to any specific need can be picked from a broad selection of options. Faced wood may also consist of masonite, plywood, printed wood or MDF. We prefer faced particle board, as shown in the figure below.