We use modern CNC machines in addition to typical joinery tools, such as planes, lathes and manual bits, mechanical presses, bend saws, double dimension saws and sanders.
Our machines include:
    • SCM - Tech 99 processing centre (for milling, cutting and drilling wooden panels)
    • Casadei - LINEA vertical beam saw (equipped with two circular blades of different diameter to cut wooden panels along a fixed direction)
    • SCM - Sandia 10 belt sander (the machine uses to sandpaper bands to smooth surfaces and remove laminate from wooden panels)
    • SCM - Olimpic K1000 edge bander(this machine applies edges to wooden panels at the end of the processing)
    • Comil - Cosmo NK pressing clamp (with its cross-shaped structure, this machine is used to press bases and cabinets on two sides at the same time)